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C & H Consulting, Inc.

QuickBooks Software Consulting, Intuit Solution Provider, Small Business Consulting, Serving Greater Cleveland, Ohio. 216-544-5630

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QuickBooks Online:
For the business man or woman on the go, this is an excellent way to keep in touch with your buisness financiasl. Simply log into your account and enter the data that is new, pull up and print the reports on your portable printer. A Monthly fee is incurred, but for the convience it it well worth the price.

  • Organize your finances in one place -Access your accounting from anywhere - Work together from different locations
  • Automatic data backups - Easy to learn and use - Run the Business How and Where You Want
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access - Work with more clients over a larger geographical area.

    With QuickBooks Online Edition you and your colleagues can access your financial information anywhere with a PC and an Internet connection. That means you can be flexible and efficient — work at home instead of the office; keep in control while on vacation as much (or little) as you need to; and always know what's going on from wherever you are are.



  • Work at home instead of the office.
  • Stay in control while on vacation.
  • Work with more clients over a larger geographical area.
  • Work Together, From Different Locations
  • Grant access to partners, bookkeepers, and employees, allowing everyone to do their part efficiently.
  • Since everyone works from the same up-to-date file you'll never have to e-mail files, freeze the books, or worry about what's happening. And you canwork with the people you want to work with regardless of their location.

Manage Your Business More Effectively

  • A time-tracking feature allows contractors and employees to track their time in Online Edition, without giving them access to the rest of your books.
  • A reports-only feature lets you share the big picture with your Board of Directors, lenders, and partners, without giving them access to the rest of your books.
  • Audit trails and activity logs make sure everyone is accountable and every transaction trackable.
  • Online Edition take care of backing up and protecting your data?never again worry about viruses, crashes, hackers, or other disasters.