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C & H Consulting, Inc.

QuickBooks Software Consulting, Intuit Solution Provider, Small Business Consulting, Serving Greater Cleveland, Ohio. 216-544-5630

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When you contact C & H Consulting we will need some basic information to assist you. If you print the information list and fill it out ahead of time you will be able to speed up the process of getting started and thereby reduce some expenses. While no one likes to fill out forms this one is essential to yours and our success. This form is not transmitted over the web and can not be filled out on this site. It must be printed and then filled out. You then have the options of faxing the completed form, mailing the form, or personal delivery.


  1. What is the name of your company?
  2. What is your address?
  3. What is your Contact information?
  4. Phone numbers office and cell
  5. Fax
  6. Alternate contact name and phone
  7. How many computers do you have?
  8. If more then one are they networked and how many?
  9. Have you already purchased QuickBooks?
  10. Have you installed your Quickbooks?
  11. Have you registered your copy?
  12. Which Edition did you purchase?
  13. What type of company do you have? ie. retail, mfg,
  14. How long have you been in business?
  15. What operating sytem are you using?
  16. Do you have employees?
  17. Do you have an accountant?
  18. Did he/she recommend QuickBooks?
  19. Have you used QuickBooks before?
  20. What Version?
  21. Do you track inventory,
  22. Do you have a WEB Site?
  23. Do You have outstanding accounts receivables?
  24. Do you have any vendors?
  25. Have you set up company bank accounts?
  26. Do you have a separate account for tax and payroll
  27. Do you charge sales tax?
  28. Have you obtained a vendors license
  29. Do you have an EIN
  30. Do you have a payroll company that does your payroll
  31. How many Counties, or States do you operate in?
  32. Do you do any shipping?
  33. Approximately number of inventory items you have?
  34. Do you prebuild items for sale?
  35. Do you have current work in progress
  1. __________________________________________
  2. Street_______________ City ___________zip______
  3. Name _______________
  4. Office ( )________ Cell ( )_____________
  5. fax ( )_________
  6. Name ( )_________ Phone ( )___________
  7. #_________
  8. Yes No #_______
  9. Yes No
  10. Yes No
  11. Yes No
  12. Simple start, Pro, Premier,Enterprise
  13. ____________________________________
  14. years _______ Months __________ New _________
  15. Windows XP XP Vista
  16. Yes No Number of employees_____
  17. Yes No _______________________
  18. Yes No
  19. Yes No
  20. Yes NO Version ____________Year____________
  21. Yes No
  22. Yes No Address_____________________________
  23. Yes No how many ____________
  24. Yes No how many ____________
  25. Yes No
  26. TAX: Yes No Payroll: Yes No
  27. Yes No
  28. Yes No
  29. Yes No EIN #___-_________________
  30. Yes No Name of company ________________
  31. Counties___________ States ____________
  32. Yes No Carrier of choice
  33. _______________________
  34. Yes No
  35. Yes No