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C & H Consulting, Inc.

QuickBooks Software Consulting, Intuit Solution Provider, Small Business Consulting, Serving Greater Cleveland, Ohio. 216-544-5630

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Don Campbell

Don has over 30 years of retail management experience. During that time, the realization came that many companies can use experienced people to help them improve sales, adjust inventory, control payroll, improve the bottom line by controlling losses, hiring the right people and setting up standards to assist the small business owner.


While working with the first client (prior to becoming a ProAdvisor) it became apparent that more knowledge was needed of the program. This led to the certification course and ProAdvisor status. In working with that first client, he tied in the client's inventory to his QuickBooks, corrected several set up errors, instructed the owner on the use of QuickBooks and billing. Set up sub catagories to help the client determine profitable and unprofitable areas of his company. The first client is still a client.

After working with this client, a position was obtained with an international consulting company. Assignments led the owner through a series of additional clients for the consulting company. These included manufacturing, service and distribution companies. Total savings to the clients amounted to over $400,000 in decreased expenses and increased revenues produced an additional $375,000 of income, with a combined total of $775,000.


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Mission Statement:
Our mission is to assist the business owner in both their accounting needs and management styles, allowing them to increase their revenues and decrease their expenses in a thoughtful and expedient way.